PIROPO database

The PIROPO database (People in Indoor ROoms with Perspective and Omnidirectional cameras) comprises multiple sequences recorded in two different indoor rooms, using both omnidirectional and perspective cameras. The sequences contain people in a variety of situations, including people walking, standing, and sitting. Both annotated and non-annotated sequences are provided, where ground truth is point-based (each person in the scene is represented by the point located in the center of its head). In total, more than 100,000 annotated frames are available.

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  • C.R. del Blanco, P. Carballeira, F. Jaureguizar, N. García, “Robust people indoor localization with omnidirectional cameras using a Grid of Spatial-Aware Classifiers”, Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 93, article 116135, pp. 1-11, Apr. 2021. (Article in press) (doi: 10.1016/j.image.2021.116135)

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Carlos R. del Blanco Adán: http://gti.ssr.upm.es/carlos-r-del-blanco

Pablo Carballeira: http://gti.ssr.upm.es/pablo-carballeira